Heather Ridge Apartments In Bowie, Maryland Review

Heather Ridge Apartments In Bowie, Maryland Review

heather ridge apartments bowie MarylandThis Heather Ridge Apartments in Bowie, Maryland review is what you need to read before you decide to move into your new home. The truth is that the entire area is very attractive and natural beauty surrounds the apartment complex. The quality of the houses that you would rent is high and you should seriously think about the possibility.


You can easily reach Heather Ridge from Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis. In the area you can locate everything that you might need from a home. The compound is just 1 mile away from Route 301 and Route 50 and if you do not have a car, you can just go to New Carrollton Metro station, which is just 10 minutes away.  Address:

Heather Ridge Apartments
16021 English Oaks Avenue
Bowie, MD 20716

The First View

Before we get into the Heather Ridge apartments in Bowie, Maryland review, you will surely want to know what you can expect from accommodations. This compound offers renovated homes that feature 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. All the kitchens and bathrooms are upgraded and the new owned can choose one out of many different floor plans available

Heather Ridge apartments in Bowie, Maryland Review – Community Amenities

It is really important that we look at all the amenities that are offered by any location before we decide to move in. You will be happy to learn that Heather Ridge offers all that you need. If you are into sports, you can enjoy the fitness center or the racquetball, lighted tennis and indoor basketball courts. Also consider the fact that there is a local swimming pool.

If you have a car, you can use one of the private garages and there is a car wash area that is available for residents. There is no need to go anywhere else if you would fancy a picnic as there is an area that is designed for that and even features outdoor grills. If you just want to stroll around, you can easily head to the grocery store, dine in style at a restaurant or simply go shopping.

Heather Ridge apartments in Bowie, Maryland Review – Apartment Amenities Heather Ridge Apartments bowie MD

We are sure that you are interested in the actual apartments the most and even if the surrounding area is great, it would not mean anything if the rooms you would stay in are not great. The really good news is that absolutely all apartments are great and fully renovated with all you would need.

You can rent an apartment that has balconies, wood burning fireplaces, bay windows or extra storage space if it is required. There are also more than enough closet space, wall to wall carpeting and suitable dryers and washers.

Heather Ridge apartments in Bowie, Maryland Review – Should You Consider Moving In?

After looking at everything that Heather Ridge has to offer, the only real conclusion is that you have to consider the possibility of moving in. The rent will be a little high for some people but in the event that you can afford it, there is absolutely no reason why you should not schedule a visit and see the apartments for yourself.

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