Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, North Carolina Review

Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, North Carolina Review

Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, NCThe first thing that needs to be said in a good Heather Ridge apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina review is the fact that affordability and convenience really go hand in hand. These are considered to be one of the best apartments that are available for people on a budget around the medium range. Homes are quite close to everything that you might need from shopping to entertainment choices.

Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, North Carolina Review – Management Information

We are sure that you will be interested in learning as much as you can about who manages the apartments. This is handled by Tribute Properties, which has a really great reputation that you will appreciate. Tribute Properties realized how to achieve success and managed to understand the local market. This includes residents, housing trends, living costs and area growth patterns.

Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, North Carolina Review – Features

This is always a big part of the decision that is made by possible tenants and the first thing that people tend to analyze when looking at any Heather Ridge apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina review. For starters, the balcony or deck features French doors and the ceilings are cathedral style or 9 feet high. The baths and the kitchens are all tiled.

If you want to have a workout, go to the fitness center or the pool. If you need extra storage, you can rent it and there is even a laundry room that is on site. You will love these, together with intrusion alarms. Pets are accepted but there are conditions that have to be respected. Talk to management about that so that you know the conditions and never violate them. The fees are quite high if you do.

Moving is really easy and you will surely appreciate the fact that Heather Ridge is conveniently located near I-77, I-485, Wachovia and numerous schools or even places of worship.

Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, North Carolina Review – What Are the Tenants Saying?

This is always a huge part and it is a shame that when you look at most sites, this information is not included. After looking at various review sites that allow tenants to post honest reviews, we can say that the problems that were encountered were never huge and there are no real problems that can be mentioned. If a problem is encountered, it was really well and fast taken care of, with minimal impact on living conditions.

Heather Ridge Apartments In Charlotte, North Carolina Review – Should You Consider Renting?

There is just one possible answer to this question. The truth is that you should seriously consider the fact that Heather Ridge is a perfect environment for everyone. Our recommendation is to call management and then schedule an appointment. Always ask about the special deals and offers that are available and stay focused on trying to get the most out of your new deal. If you do not like what you receive, you can simply not sign but you really have to give Heather Ridge a chance.

Heather Ridge Apartments Address:

8800 Meadow Vista Road
Charlotte, NC 28213

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Bess July 4, 2012 at 2:02 pm

I did not see a price range or what is or not included with the rent. I’m looking for state of the art living for seniors. If someone would give more information, I would appreciate it.


T September 19, 2012 at 7:14 pm

I would like to file a formal complaint. I moved from 8650 Meadow Vista Rd on August 15th and my deposit has not been returned to me as of yet.

The ledger balance done by your corporate office reflects various errors and my ending and beginning balance reflects adjustments made to my account as well as previous tenants accounts. I currently have four deposits on my new account, two of which are in error. I paid $2,000 at the start of my transition into my new apartment; $1,450 for September & October Rent along with two deposits, $200 one pet and $200 one rental and $187 for August rent. But one of my deposits was applied to another tenant’s account and a check had to be mailed to your corporate office to correct the ledger balance. Please explain the accounting logic in this? I am currently owed $339 of which the 30 days has surpassed and under North Carolina law, I can file a civil suit for remedies to correct this matter.

§ 42-55. Remedies.
If the landlord or the landlord’s successor in interest fails to account for and refund the balance of the tenant’s security deposit as required by this Article, the tenant may institute a civil action to require the accounting of and the recovery of the balance of the deposit. The willful failure of a landlord to comply with the deposit, bond, or notice requirements of this Article shall void the landlord’s right to retain any portion of the tenant’s security deposit as otherwise permitted under G.S. 42-51. In addition to other remedies at law and equity, the tenant may recover damages resulting from noncompliance by the landlord; and upon a finding by the court that the party against whom judgment is rendered was in willful noncompliance with this Article, such willful noncompliance is against the public policy of this State and the court may award attorney’s fees to be taxed as part of the costs of court. (1977, c. 914, s. 1; 2009-279, s. 6.)

I am seeking my deposit be sent by same day courier service or I will seek legal action and file my sixty days notice to vacate the premises as I have paid October’s rent. I will also seek remedies for the cost of me relocating to a new apartment. I have spoken with Amanda, my apartment manager and Cherie, the lead leasing consultant. They have spoken to Debra & Christie in your corporate office. Next, I will need the address and telephone numbers of your attorney as I will need to send all legal documents to their formal address.

My stay at Heather Ridge has been pleasant until this point, but after 2 years and 6 months; this transition has left a bad taste in my mouth and I am ready to move to another residence where they can process my payments without error.

I expect this matter to be corrected immediately.


Same Day courier November 6, 2019 at 9:31 am

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