Heather Ridge Apartments In Mantua, NJ Review

Heather Ridge Apartments In Mantua, NJ Review

Heather Ridge Apartments In Mantua, NJIt is quite hard to locate a good Heather Ridge Apartments in Mantua, NJ review and that is why we have decided to present the most important facts that you need to know about the new homes here. Before we get started, we need to tell you that we recommend that you talk to management so that you can book an appointment. There are differences between some apartments and availability is a problem because of the popularity that Heather Ridge enjoys.

Heather Ridge Apartments in Mantua, NJ Review – Location and Directions

When you go to Heather Ridge, you will come from either Philadelphia or New Jersey Turnpike. When coming from Philadelphia, take Route 295 and then Exit 19. Go towards Mantua Grove and then, after just 3 miles you will reach Heather Ridge Apartments.

When coming from New Jersey Turnpike, take Exit 4 towards 73 North. You have to take Route 295 and then follow the exact same directions mentioned above.

Heather Ridge is located close to many different retail stores and you will have no shopping problems. This includes Cherry Hill, Echelon Malls and Deptford. If you have a baby or kids, you will like the fact that there are great schools nearby (check out this site).

454 Heather Drive North
Mantua, NJ 08051

Heather Ridge Apartments in Mantua, NJ Review – Amenities

Heather Ridge surely shines because of this fact. The amenities are great and you basically have everything that you need so that going out is not necessary in most days. This includes a tennis court, various playground facilities, a car care center, on-site maintenance and management staff, a well-equipped fitness center, a dog park, various private dressing areas and some storage rooms that have private lockers in the event that you need them.

When referring to apartment amenities, all homes include private entrances, central air conditioning, hot water and heat systems and newly enhanced interiors. To put it simple, all apartments are modern and a delight to live in.

Heather Ridge Apartments in Mantua, NJ Review – Prices

You will surely love the fact that the fees and prices that are charged in Heather Ridge are competitive with the rest of the market. Your application costs around $50 and the amenity and certificate of occupancy bring in another $150-$200. If you qualify as a tenant, you will need to offer a security deposit. In most cases that is $300 and if you have pets, a one month’s rate deposit is also necessary.

Speaking of pets, a non-refundable fee of $300 is needed for one pet, although a discount of $100 is applied if the money is paid before you occupy the home. In addition, $20 per month is added for every single pet that you have.

You can choose the lease term that you like the most, varying from 3 months to 12 months. An extra amount is paid when leasing for less than one year.

Heather Ridge Apartments in Mantua, NJ Review – Should You Consider Heather Ridge?

There is only one answer to this question and it is YES. The offer is really great and if you like what you see, there is no reason why you should not move into your new home there.

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I am looking to move asap and looking for a 2bedroom 2 bath if possible also with a washer and dryer… I work in west deptford I make around 2400.00 a month after taxes…. my credit is not good but I have been renting now for 4 years and always on time. can provide a letter from landlord… my rent now is 1200.00 a month plus utilities.. you can send me an email …thank you


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